Garden of Grace and Truth.

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This afternoon I keep having this mental picture in my head about a garden… A fresh blooming garden.

And suddenly was reminded by the Shack movie released earlier this year.  There’s this particular scene in the movie, Where Sarayu (the holy Spirit) shows Mack a messy garden. “The garden is full of colors, herbs, flowers, plants. Mack describes it as a “chaos in color”…”confusing, stunning, and incredibly beautiful… Sarayu gently says “this garden is You Mackenzie.”

This is a picture of us sometimes, where our garden seems out of control. Where the herb section is situated to the lavender section, Where we can’t find cherry tomatoes in just bunch of rotten tomatoes or most of the times our weeds are more evident than our crops. This transformation, just like no other,  needs real hard look to what our life Our Garden looks like… I encourage you to see what I mean for yourself to really have a good look on things a vivid reflection on what pulsates when we talk about GARDEN, connection, people, areas we feel locked up.. As we press onto hard truths…. this is where real healing begins, and also this is where GRACE AND TRUTH march in.

This year though I’ve witnessed the evils of cancer. I’ve seen people buckle under financial hardship. This has been one of the most painful surrenders I’ve been privileged to give to love. And I’ve experienced my own series of heartbreaking events and finding wholeness in Jesus.  Events that caused me to ask difficult questions too like how’s my garden really?! Show me Holy Spirit, show me the real me, the true self,  what’s the condition of my own garden.. my garden its like a jumbled narratives, the breathtaking twists of branches, flowers and pottery with different colors and all sorts of squirrel jumping in my garden ( I mean just wave of emotions and thoughts).

As the Holy Spirit is showing me how my garden looks like it teaches me patience and genuine humility.  The holy spirit dig on weeds and encumbrances of falsehood, sin, pain, loss, and just canyon of terrible sadness. And some destructive patterns that needed to be addressed. To let those unhealed parts in our life to not to just simply bury them in the deep soil but to be seen in the light, to let those pain be processed. This is where Grace and truth walks hand in hand.. Helping us to exit in our alleys of shame… I don’t know about you? But have you felt like you buried all your deep sorrow in the soil of nothingness? They say love heals all wounds.. But is love the only ingredient to aid the darkest corners of our soul? Does love fight the costliest war? How do we be susceptible to compassion while refusing to coddle destructive patterns in people’s lives?  How do we create a healthy environment for our garden to thrive….These are just hard questions that I want to dig hard on my own garden..


I believe truth HANDS out Love.

Truth shows us the reality of what’s going  on in our garden. Truth is the acceptance that there is a problem that needed to be addressed but truth does not protest to cut down the weeds easily: This is what I’m learning in my own life and walk, Sometimes in our desperation we WILL yell “cut it down” we end up not partnering with truth nor grace . Because Truth calls out our  hurts that keep our soil cluttered while grace is the fertilizer that fuel’s us what we need to keep on growing and changing…

The gardener who certainly symbolizes our Lord, with His grace points out dead branches in our lives that are not bearing fruit, the cutting is painful often times necessary. It’s not a punishment to make us realize how bad we are but actually a love gesture by our father, He gently fertilizes us with His grace, He is gentle in His pruning but doesn’t necessarily mean it will not hurt. No anesthesia is prescribed in the cutting, But along the process of facing the truth fan by His grace..He will not certainly let us bleed to death but His grace aids us. He is a soothing balm of Gilead.

 “I am the true grapevine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch of mine that doesn’t produce fruit, and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more. You have already been pruned and purified by the message I have given you.Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me.

( John 15 : 1-4)

Another way how we see the GARDEN.

“The garden of Eden” itself is a picture of a redemptive moment with God, where Adam and Eve ate the fruit that is forbidden for them, I know that God knows that it would hurt to know and experience knowing EVIL. God moved immediately to protect us from being in a state of eternal isolation, to protect us from eternal pain, HE made a plan to redeem us. GENESIS 3;15 The woman’s offspring would eventually crush the serpents head. A promise fulfilled in Christ’s victory over satan. If you are reading this, I believe in you, I believe that the father can redeem all your pain, the redeemptive power of Christ, to wash away deep seated wounds by His overwhelming Love, to guide us into wholeness…I believe in stillness, I believe God speaks in a heart that is stilled.

It is only in that stillness that we can hear the whisper of God. I hope you met Him in your garden of stillness today. 

With all that has been said Beloved, How do you see your garden today beloved? Ask the Holy spirit to show you things, Are there things to remove in your garden and things to add up on!? Does your garden been wiped away by a storm? Have you planted bitterness, sorrow and unforgiveness? Or have you planted seeds of Love, Kindness, and Compassion.!? Are there things in your garden that you need the garderner to make his way on it!? as we love and protect our Garden. MY PRAYER is that God will give us maturity and knowledge to move in to the NEW : NEW JOY AND HOPE! That HE will redeem our Garden. As He always are. Always remember you are beautiful dear one. Your garden is crafted with sheer masterpiece.  You’ll wake up one day your garden is on full bloom. You never arrived yet, no one ever does. Everyday is a single encounter with the gardener, just one day at a time beloved.. Let him love you that way. . . .



Ella xo

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You are a wild one!

You are a wild one!.jpg

One thing learned from the past decade of my life is that God wants me to build my Identity on Him alone…Stripping away everything that makes me not dependent on “Him Alone”. Teaching me genuine humility, dependency in the Holy Spirit alone.. He is calling me out of my fears  and told me He had something else for me. Tonight though a reflection on those years piled up and the growth of uprooting and the work that needs to be done and healing things that needs to healed. Truthfully, the Lord has really its own way and timeline, one thing I learned from the last decade of my life is that some things weren’t mine, I wasn’t ready for it, but He is preparing my heart and looking back it was just grace that brought me where iam now…

As I have intune and being inspired with giants of faith those people who write books, evangelize, spread the word of God like Reinhard Bonke, greatest missionary like William Carey, Kathryn Kulhmann, Bill Johnson, and many countless men and women of faith that nourished my soul… It made me realize how wild this one life is, I don’t know what my career as nurse or a missionary will look like in 5 years, and who knows this decade God orchestrates a husband lol  but I know deep in my soul God is calling, healing, preparing me not just to aid the sick  but to be with the nations..

My prayer tonight though, is that God will use my life even for just one person, not the approval i get from people but for the applause in heaven…As cheesy it may be sounding, May my time on earth be quench by His love alone, to proclaim His glorious majestic love throughout my days! Those micro winds, those baby steps of change into meeting his Heart, running back to the heart of the father and really knowing my IDENTITY in HIM  not on what I project i do, its not on my resume, its not on degrees, or accomplishment, or even failures nor talents, or worst even followers on social media can say WHO you are. But me and HIM and the day to day basis touching his heart, knowing him fully in every cell of my being!! KNOWING my father more and His heart for his people…


In your own walk how do you define IDENTITY with the father!? And how did it changed you heart!? I wanna know some of your heart today!
Blessings for the coming days… Like a river may love burst in you!!!May you roar and soar high because you, my dear one is Lioness in the Kingdom.





Haven’t Even Kissed! (Saving My Kiss again for marriage)


Jesus tells us,

I will betroth you to Me forever; yes, I will betroth you to Me in righteousness and justice, in lovingkindness and mercy; I will betroth you to Me in faithfulness, and you shall know the Lord. ” Hosea 2:19-20

We are all  betrothed to Christ. We are all called to be holy and pure. But not of our own strength and ability. We are betrothed in grace and mercy and love.

Honestly, I’m in a season of preparation. But thinking about it makes me so excited walking in the Aisle towards my future husband, can’t wait for that day when I am able to represent that picture. That picture of fully redeemed bride of Christ. And for me a KISS should be be reserved like the rest of our purity, for one man.  I have been single for 5 long years now but I’m still holding to that promise that God will give me a mighty warrior, God fearing man of God husband. The right man that He will entrust me. So I’m saving again my kiss for marriage!



Linger in me for awhile..


It’s again a rainy season, waking up with slight headache. I snuggled up in the wrinkled sheets while the bedroom fan is blowing a steady cool breeze, my fluffy blanket, I can hear the pitter patter rain, its been raining the whole week but I like rainy season honestly.. Where people take a slower pace and its more calming, I can also hear the hum of the river in our backyard.. But I woke up in this thought in my head : This is August ELLA and in 4 months you will officially see Santa.  But really, the reality is 2017 will end in four months? you guys? Where are the new year’s resolution went? how’s my spiritual, emotional growth went?  As I look back at the past months, I see God’s invisible hand, I feel His presence in the darkness even if I don’t understand what He is doing.

I started my day writing in my journal. As I was writing psalm 23 in my journal… I heard in my heart and its more real than ever, the Holy Spirit says

Linger in me, linger in me, linger in me for a while..

I stopped writing and smiled. Actually googled the word LINGER, I just want to make sure what the dictionary meant by Linger or lingering. To my suprise the Lord want’s me to stay or remain for awhile.  This means that the Lord doesn’t want me to tarry He wants me to wait and remain in this season for awhile. God is teaching practical things to linger more of His words and His presence….

Thank you that you like my company too, because I love you too. You presence is a joy too.. So I lingered on Psalm 23 for a while and invited the holy spirit for a while, My heart swelled up and I’m reflecting on how much has changed and how much has stayed the same this year.


“If I’m going to be in a hurry about one thing this year, may it be to linger longer in Your Presence. Everything else will fall into place.”

But behind it all Thank You Jesus. You really are my Shephered I shall not want.  

You make me lie down in green pastures. You lead me beside still waters, Thank you for steadying my heart, thank you for feeling what I feel. Even though this year is full of ups and down I know you are with me even in Silence and momentary affliction. I will not let you go, I will linger some more in your presence, I will build an altar before you Lord. I’m here I will linger for a while with you.